Helpful Apps

There are a lot of helpful apps in the world but who has the time to try all of them to find out which ones are the best?!

WE have! The following Apps are absolutely necessary for you!

Campus App

This app provides you useful informations about the Campus. You will be always up to date about the Mensa menu and other important things.


Skive offers record cards for your study subject adjusted for your University.


Sometimes the own calculator is on its limit and you need more functions than that. In this case you can use Calcbot.


You have a solution but no idea how to get there? No Problem with Photomath. Just scan the function and get the approach. Unbelievable!


With Wunderlist You can easily manage your To Do Lists, which makes live much easier! Never forget anything at the grocery store!

WG Gesucht

We all know about the exhausting search for a shared flat. If you ever plan to move again or if you just arrived in Kiel, this app will help you to find a convenient shared flat!


Do you want to have a getaway over the holidays? Or do you want to visit your family? With MeinFernbus you have a cheap alternative for your travel.

Bla Bla Car

Where ever you want to go with this app you can find a ride. Fast and comfortable. Try it!

DB Navigator

So that you always know at what time your bus is going to the beach you should install this app. You can need it from time to time and it is a must have.


Share your Messages anonym with your fellow students and bridge the waiting time or bus rides. Attention: You will get addicted!

You have to read a Paper in englisch? Or do you want to talk with international students? Therefore you can use this app.

Ausgaben Manager

Whether BaföG or side job at the end of the month money is rare! This App will help you to overview your expenditures!

Helpful Websites

There are many sites you visit a lot or you have to visit. We collect them for you, so you´ll stay in focus all time.



OLAT shows you all exercises and lectures. Moreover you´ll get the most materials for your studies.



QIS is you registration portal for exams. In addition you can view all your test results here.



You need UnivIS to create a schedule . But remember that this is not an application for exercises .

Studentenwerk SH

If you need help in your student life, please stay in contact to the Student Union SH . They provide a lot of convenient services .

BAföG Rechner

How much BAföG would you get ? That you can easily and quickly calculate with the BAföG calculator. Try it !

WiWi Bib

All books that you need for your business studies , you will find at WiWi Bib . Some books are available for borrow as well.


If you need help while studying , you can easily contact the services of the AStA ‘s . They look forward to help you.


Each Year you get the chance to change your university with your vote. This part is very important for democracy and creates the further way of your studies. Therefor the Institutes of CAU choose motivated students who working for your requests and questions.               The only thing you have to do…vote them and be a part of the CAU system.

Student Council 

This word includes all students which belong to the same faculty, like the Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche faculty. The council will be represented by the student council representative which is combined by elected and unelected members. These members represent the students towards the university. Other areas we work in are the selling of exams and the management of events. We optimize our functions with following resorts.

  • Chairman/woman
  • Finance
  • Konvent
  • Fachschaftsvertreterkonferenz
  • Events
  • O-Phase
  • Exams
  • Sponsoring
  • Technik
  • Homepage
  • PR
  • Student matters

We´ll meet us each Wednesday at 19:15 at our meeting room. Everyone is welcome to listen, ask or work with us. We´re looking forward new members who support us in the resorts or projects.


The General Student Committee is the executive part of the students council. (The student council is an independent part of the University and takes their function self-employed. The student council consists of all matriculated students of the CAU)

The AStA accepts the current business of the student council and represents it outside.
The student parliament vote and controls the AStA. The tasks of the student council represented by the AStA are:

  • to represent the interests of students in higher education policy
  • promote political education of students
  • Stance on scientific evidence in relation to society and nature.
  • perceive the economic and social needs of the students (eg. Semesterticket)
  • to support the intellectual and cultural interests of students
  • to encourage students sport
  • to maintain the national student relations
  • participate in procedures for quality assurance of teaching

(source: Hochschulgesetz Schleswig-Holstein Abschnitt 7 §72 , Organisationssatzung der Studierendenschaft der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel §§ 1, 2, 3)



The student council representative conference (short FRP) is a legally anchored body, which is perceived by the general student committee primarily as an information exchange platform. Therefore it has no own skills.
Each student council will send 1-2 representatives for FRP and has a voice within the body.

The FRP meets once a month during the semester. It deals with problems that can not afford by the individual student councils because of their size, or lack of participation. Classical themes on a FRP are problems with examination regulations, unclear legal situations and current higher education policy developments (eg. Demo against underfunding in December 2014).


The StuPa is the elected representation of the student body. The functions are:

  • Choice & control AstA
  • budget management of the student body
  • Election of student members of the Board of the Student Union
  • Convening of general assemblies
  • Tasks of student self-administration

(sources: Organisationssatzung der Studierendenschaft der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel §11)


Tutoring Exchange


If you are looking for tutoring, than have a look here. Prices have to be negotiated with the private tutor.


Jana Rohde



BA Business scinces

Tutoring in:

Math I




Christian Rohmann



MA Business administration

Tutoring in:

Math I, Math II and EVWL




Dr. Oliver Walter MA Economics, Modern Governance und Medieval History



Graduated qualified psychologist

Tutoring in:

Test preparation & advice in statistics, higher mathematic & research methodology in Kiel




Finn-Moritz Becker



MA Economics, Modern Governance and Medieval History

Tutoring in:





Björn Wehring



BA Economics

Tutoring in:

Math I and Math II




Philipp Schulze



BA Economics

Tutoring in:

Math I, Math II and Statistic II




If you want to give somebody extra lessons than have a look here. Prices have to be negotiated with the student.

No requests at the moment.

You want to start a request or offer tutoring? Write us and we will add you to this list.